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Heart and Lung Auscultation for the Correctional Nurse

Patient assessment/evaluation are critical skills for the correctional nurse.  Often, the findings during patient evaluation determine the nursing “next steps”.  Can the patient be treated using the Nursing Protocols/Guidelines or does the patient presentation require that a provider be notified?  Abnormal findings such as elevated blood pressure, elevated pulse, infected skin lesions or a beefy red tongue should be reported to a provider.  Abnormal lung sounds and abnormal heart sounds auscultated should also be reported and it is very important for correctional nurses to be able to differentiate between normal and abnormal sounds.


Consisting of both written descriptions and audio files, this class is designed to allow correctional nurses to practice identification of normal and abnormal heart and lung sounds.  The correctional nurse can listen as many times as necessary to become familiar with the differentiation between a normal S1S2 heart sound and a gallop or murmur.  They can practice identification of normal breath sounds and rales, crackles, rhonchi and wheezes. There is an audio completion examination that must be passed successfully to earn 2 continuing education hours.


While the audio files can be heard on a computer, tablet or phone, the clarity will be enhanced with headphones/earbuds.