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Correctional Nursing is a unique specialty.  It is a wonderful mix of public health, community health, occupational health, ambulatory care, emergency medicine and school nursing.  The standards of Correctional Nursing published by the American Nursing Association state that nurses working in corrections often care for individuals with complex health conditions or those with multiple health issues.  Correctional nursing activities include patient assessment, medication administration, treatments and evaluation of their effects, crisis intervention, patient education and patient advocacy (ANA, 2013).

Specialized Education for the Correctional Nurse

For quite some time, the team at Correctional HealthCare Consultants, led by Dr. Lori Roscoe,  has looked for Continuing Education programs that offered accredited CE hours for Correctional Health Nurses that actually considered the environment in which we operate.  We found few that included classes that were really pertinent to correctional nursing, although they were advertised as “Correctional Nursing” continuing education classes.


And so, we decided to start our own program.  We achieved Provider status with the California Board of Registered Nursing so that our classes would earn continuing education hours, and began our research. We have found that most Boards of Nursing do accept credits from other states, but feel free to contact us if you have questions.  These continuing education classes are also acceptable toward the National Commission on Correctional Health Care CCHP and CCHP-RN continuing certification requirement.

Why Take Our Classes?

Great Information & Awesome Support

All classes at The Correctional Nurse Educator are developed using current research in nursing and healthcare, and include references so that students can do further reading should they desire to do so.  Many are based upon presentations given at national conferences for correctional healthcare.  New classes are added regularly, often based upon requests from students.  Classes are given online and can be accessed at any time convenient for the student.  Registration is free, and provides access to the classroom from which any class can be purchased.

We are able to give group discounts, and even facility “passes” so that all nursing staff can participate at a significantly reduced cost.  Please email us with your needs, and we will be happy to work with you!  We can also develop “private” classrooms for just your staff with your content.  All students will get an individualized Certificate of Completion immediately upon successful completion of the test.  We will track all participants and can provide a summary of individual participation and classes taken.  This is great for Orientation and Annual Updates that are mandatory!

Welcome Benefis Spectrum Medical Correctional Nurses

We are very happy to announce that Benefis Spectrum Medical has enrolled all of their nurses in a continuing education program with The Correctional Nurse Educator.  We are very proud to provide these classes!  Their administration will chose the class to be offered, and a certificate and continuing education hours will be awarded for each class successfully completed.  They have their own classroom, and of course, classes can be customized to their policies and procedures.  

We applaud the administration at Benefis Spectrum Medical for recognizing  and supporting the professional development of their nurses.

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Welcome Michigan Department of Corrections Correctional Nurses

We are very happy to announce that the Michigan Department of Corrections has renewed their partnership with The Correctional Nurse Educator for 2016-2017 to provide continuing education for their 600+ nurses!  Each month, a class will be offered free of charge to the correctional nurses.  Upon completion, a certificate and continuing education hours will be awarded.  The program is designed so that at the end of two years (their licensure period) all staff will have the needed continuing education hours for licensure from classes that are specific to correctional nursing.  

We applaud the Michigan Department of Corrections and their BHCS Training & Professional Development Team for recognizing  and supporting the professional development of their nurses.

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Is this something you and your colleagues would like to do?

Let us know, and we will design a program that best suits your needs and your budget.

Our Current Class Offerings

  • NEW!   Sprains and Strains for the Correctional Nurse
  • NEW!   Common Mental Health Disorders for the Correctional Nurse
  • NEW!   Seizure Disorder for the Correctional Nurse
  •  Women’s Health Issues for the Correctional Nurse
  •  Dental Concepts for the Correctional Nurse
  •  Medication Administration for the Correctional Nurse
  • Inmate Manipulation in Corrections
  • Pain Management for the Correctional Nurse
  • A Cardiac Primer for the Correctional Nurse: Heart Sounds and Murmurs
  • A Cardiac Primer for the Correctional Nurse: Arrhythmias and the ECG
  • Asthma in Corrections
  • A Diabetes Primer for the Correctional Nurse
  • Patient Education Program:  Diabetes in Corrections
  • A Hypertension Primer for the Correctional Nurse
  • Patient Education Program:  Hypertension in Corrections
  • Red Eye in Corrections
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection in Corrections
  • Nursing Documentation in Corrections
  • Suicide Prevention in Corrections
  • Excited Delirium in Corrections


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