Chronic Care Patient Education:  Diabetes in Corrections

1.5 Continuing Education Hours

In correctional settings, keeping Diabetes in control may be an even greater challenge than in the free world, since people who have the ability to choose the timing of their blood glucose checks, medication administration,  exercise regimen and the foods that they eat still have difficulty maintaining medication and diet compliance and overall disease control.  Inmates have little flexibility within their day, and many have no motivation to make the lifestyle changes necessary to maintain good control of their Diabetes. It is therefore up the to Provider and the Nursing staff to encourage the inmate to become part of their health care team. Collaboration by all is needed regarding medication adherence, patient education, and blood sugar monitoring. Lifestyle modifications such weight loss, smoking cessation, and exercise, and dietary modifications, including the adherence to a diabetic dietary plan, are key components in the management of Diabetes. With a little thought, these lifestyle modifications can be maintained in the correctional setting.

This class is a patient education curriculum for inmates with Diabetes.