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Correctional Nursing Basics:

The Cardiovascular System

heart in chest

Statistics from 2019 (latest information available) indicate that cardiovascular disease is the second leading cause of death in corrections, with suicide being the first.  In addition, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease like hypertension in the correctional population is more than three times that found in the general population.

Thus, it is important that correctional nurses have a solid foundation in the pathophysiology and the functions of the cardiovascular system, what findings are usual and what findings are unexpected, so that they can properly refer their patients to a provider, and participate in their care thought such activities as patient education and medication administration.

In this class, we will review the pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system, including the cardiac cycle and arrhythmias, common cardiovascular conditions treated in the correctional setting, and nursing interventions for the patient with a cardiovascular disorder.