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Inmate Manipulation in Corrections

Every day, inmates spend their time watching and waiting. They watch with deep interest all that occurs in the facility, waiting until they identify just the right person to target in their manipulation game. Often, inmates direct their attention to the healthcare staff, as healthcare staff are stereotypically sympathetic and wanting to be a helpful. Unfortunately, this makes them an easy mark for the finely honed deception skills of these charismatic inmates. Before they realize what is happening, staff may be in so deep that they see no way out. They feel that they must comply with the ever increasing demands of the inmate, or risk being exposed, which just perpetuates the cycle of “the game”. This situation will never end positively for the staff member. Some staff have been terminated, while others also face criminal charges. In some instances, healthcare staff members believe that they are in love with the inmate and have sacrificed job, home and family to be with them.